We pride ourselves in offering our patients all care under one roof.

We will not send you elsewhere to see a Doctor for a routine appointment.

We open from 7:00am with bookable appointments from 7:10am every Monday and Tuesday morning, and from 8:00am for the rest of the week.

All children who are ill and under the age of 10 will be seen within the same day and where possible within 2 hours.

We hope you will find enhanced convenience added to first class healthcare. Find out when we are open and how to see a member of the team. We’ve made life a little easier with practice updates, news on the latest health issues and even access to repeat medication all at your fingertips.

Your Good Health

Access to a wide range of healthcare services is a key element of a good local practice. We don’t just want to see you when you’re ill we want to make sure you stay healthy too. Check out how we can cover both bases with our clinics and services.

Best Practice

Our professional team of doctors and nurses will ensure you receive the best attention at all times whether you’re attending a specialist clinic or a routine appointment. If you’re new to the area registration is easy and comes with the comfort of discretion and confidentiality assured.

Flu Vaccinations

We have begun this years Flu vaccinations. We are receiving stocks of the Seqirus vaccination and can vaccinate all those eligible.

If you are eligible to receive a flu vaccination please contact the Practice through e-Reception, if this is not possible please phone us and Reception will be able to make you an appointment. We are running Saturday clinics but also run small weekday clinics.

If you are due to see the Practice Nurse regarding something else, please mention to Reception that you are due your flu vaccination and they may be able to do it at the same time.

You may be able to have your COVID-19 booster vaccination in the same appointment as your flu vaccination, these will be given in opposite arms and it is your choice whether you would like to have both vaccinations at the same time.

Easing of Lockdown Rules

As of Tuesday 1st June 2021 we made the decision to re-open the door to the practice.
Patients are welcome to attend the surgery to drop off medication requests and forms, collect prescriptions and speak to Reception.

As of Monday 19th July 2021 we are continuing the use of face masks throughout the surgery. All AFP staff will continue to wear them and patients who attend without one on will be asked to wear one, unless exempt. This is for the safety of both our staff and our patients, many of whom are vulnerable. Please respect our staff in this decision.

We are also continuing with hand sanitising and cleaning frequently touched areas and clinical rooms.

Facebook Page

We now have a practice Facebook page, this can be viewed here. This is a fantastic way to get information out to some of our patients so please head over and give us a like!

Patients are unable to contact the Practice through the Facebook page, or respond to any of the posts. Please continue to use your normal methods of contact.

Phone Lines

Recently we have had a huge increase in telephone calls into the practice. Looking at one day, as an example:-  Tuesday 11th May we experienced over 800 in-coming calls within 3 hours. Our usual volume is around 200/250 in-coming calls within a 3 hour period. We are sure you agree this is a substantial increase. Leeds CCG have reported that practices across Leeds have seen at least 60% increase in telephone calls to practices.

On Monday 5th July we experienced 1400 incoming calls, this equates to over 15 hours of talk time. Staff who are busy on the phone are unable to process other requests, such as prescriptions. Where possible we would urge you to use E-Reception for non-urgent requests.   

We are trying to maintain a good service to our patients and we appreciate your patience if you are struggling to get through to speak to a receptionist. We are answering the telephones however if you are wanting to order a prescription, have any questions regarding medications or have a non-urgent request – please use the ‘ereception’ option. These requests are usually dealt with within 24 hrs and will save you having to wait in a telephone queue.

Thank you – Aireborough Family Practice


It is very important that if you think you may have Coronavirus or are showing any of the following symptoms that you and anyone else you live with stay at home:

  • high temperature
  • new, continuous cough
  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Please refer to the online 111 service for advice and testing:



For the safety of our patients and staff the practice will not offer online booking of GP appointments until the Coronavirus situation has improved.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Long-COVID is a term commonly used to describe:

  • Ongoing symptomatic COVID-19 from 4 to 12 weeks
  • Post COVID-19 syndrome; signs or symptoms that develop during or after COVID-19 and continue for more than 12 weeks and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis.

Click here to follow the link for more information regarding your COVID recovery.

KTu4FHID COVID 19 Vaccine 860x484

We are now working through patients who are eligible for their COVID-19 booster vaccination.

If you have not received a vaccine and would like one please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your details and we will add you to the list.

If you have had your first two doses at a National Vaccination centre but would like to have your booster dose with us at the practice then email us on the above email address and we will add you to the list.

We are running pop-up clinics inline with the demand for vaccines and would be happy to add you to our waiting list to be contacted when we have space.

As a practice we are working as hard and quickly as we can to get these vaccines out to you.

When we contact you with your vaccination appointment you will be instructed where it will be delivered. A member of the Aireborough Family Practice clinical team will be there to administer your vaccination.

We receive stocks of both the Oxford-Astra Zeneca and Pfizer vaccination.

Unfortunately due to vaccine stability, we are unable to offer alternative vaccination dates, times and locations. If you are unable to attend the appointment provided please contact Reception where you will be placed on the list for the next available date.

We have received some fantastic feedback from patients and relatives over how the clinics have run and the work done by our staff. This is lovely to hear and we welcome all feedback.

Click here for the consent form, this must be completed and brought to your appointment.

Click here for an information booklet about the vaccination.

New guidance has been issued for the use of the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

This follows further reviews by the independent regulator, the MHRA, and the Commission for Human Medicines, of a very small number of people in the UK who have developed a rare blood-clotting condition since having the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

The MHRA and Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations have emphasised that the risk of this condition is extremely small and that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people.  They have recommended that:

  • Everyone who has had the AstraZeneca vaccine should still have a second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, irrespective of age, unless they suffered any serious side effects after their first vaccination.
  • People aged 30 and over or who have a health condition that puts them at higher risk of severe Covid-19 disease should still be offered the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. The benefits in protecting them against the serious consequences of COVID-19 outweigh any risk of this rare condition.
  • People aged 18-29 who do not have a health condition that puts them at higher risk of severe Covid-19 disease will be offered an alternative Covid-19 vaccine where available. (This has been recommended as a precaution as people under 30 are at less risk from Covid-19 and not because they are considered to be at particular risk of developing the rare blood clot.)

People under 30 can still choose to have the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine if this will mean they can be protected more quickly and they have been made aware of the guidance.

Click here to see the leaflet that has been produced by Public Health England and the NHS to answer any questions you may have.

 Costa Coffee, Otley


We would like to extend a big thank you to the staff at Costa Coffee in Otley for their support (and coffee!!) through our first vaccination clinic. 


We politely request you DO NOT COME TO THE SURGERY if you are self-isolating due to coronavirus, awaiting a coronavirus test result or have symptoms of coronavirus, even if you already have an appointment, unless you have specifically been told to do so. This includes using the intercom at the front door. You are putting other patients and staff at risk. Government advice is to stay at home.

Quick links:

NHS.uk coronavirus website

Using the NHS and other health services during the pandemic

NHS 111 online - use this if you think you may have coronavirus but are unsure what to do

Get an isolation note if you or a family member are isolating due to coronavirus

If you think you may be eligible for TESTING click here - you do not need to contact us

The NHS Test and Trace Service official phone number is 0300 013 5000 and there is more information on their website https://www.gov.uk/guidance/nhs-test-and-trace-how-it-works.

You may be contacted by phone, text or email.

Stay Alert COVID

Instead of ringing us you can now contact us via e-Reception using your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

If you need to order your prescription or have a medical question you need answering click the eReception link below:



There are now extra routine appointments available, making it easier for you to get an appointment at a time to suit you.

Virtual Pharmacist Appointments - This is a telephone appointment for patients who need to speak to a pharmacist regarding a minor illness or a medication issue but don’t necessarily need to see a GP. The pharmacists are able to prescribe and organise prescriptions electronically. Please speak to the reception team for further information on how to book an appointment.

Virtual Musculoskeletal (MSK) Appointments -This is a telephone appointment for patients who need to speak to an advanced physiotherapist regarding muscle or joint problems. We are able to offer a range of appointment times Monday - Sunday. The practitioner will offer advice etc and where appropriate arrange a follow-up appointment which may be face to face. Please speak to the reception team for further information on how to book an appointment.

Virtual Mental Health Support Service (Healthy Minds) - This is a telephone appointment for patients aged 18 and over who would like help with emotional wellbeing.  It will provide a 20minute telephone consultation with Healthy Minds Practitioners who will be able to offer support for patients experiencing low mood, stress or anxiety, exploring and developing coping strategies, offer signposting and recommend other support services.  Please speak to the Reception team for further information on how to book an appointment.

Extended Access Appointments - These are routine pre-bookable appointments available on Saturdays and Sundays between 9-12pm.  

Saturday - Aireborough Family Practice, Silver Lane Surgery, Suffolk Court, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7JN

Sunday - Rutland Lodge Medical Practice, Scott Hall Road, Leeds, LS7 3DR.

This increased availability is an extension of services offered by your practice and is provided by a range of local clinicians including GPs, nurses and health care assistants.

Please note, this is not a walk-in service – you still need to make an appointment and these can be booked via your own GP practice or by calling the extended access team on Saturdays or Sundays morning between 9am and 12pm on 0113 221 3540.


If your practice is closed and you are unwell please call NHS 111.

We, at Aireborough Family Practice, are constantly looking to improve care for our patients. We feel it is important for patients to feel more involved with their own health especially for patients with long term conditions. These are health problems inc. diabetes, COPD & heart disease, which, once developed, are usually with us for life. To enable patients to feel empowered in improving their health we are offering a new style of appointment. We call this Collaborative Care & Support Planning (previously known as Year of Care).

Patients who may have one or more long term conditions are offered an appointment called 'Data Gathering' with our clinical team who will obtain their height, weight, blood pressure, blood tests and other basic information. The results of the tests will be made available can be reviewed on-line or posted out to give the patient time to consider if and how they can make improvements before their follow up appointment with a nurse. This appointment is called ‘Care Planning’. The nurse will discuss the results and will assist in goal setting and how to achieve the results you want along with any support if required.

If you feel you would like to benefit from CCSP, please make an appointment with the practice nurse.

The Practice is always looking for ways to simplify your engagement with us. We encourage you to register for our Online Services which will enable you to book and cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions and handle additional tasks without having to call us or wait in a queue. The NHS App will be launched in 2019 and make this even easier.

We would also ask you to provide us with up-to-date mobile phone numbers and email addresses, so that you can receive free text messages regarding your appointments, medical reviews and vaccinations, and changes to our services.